What to Look For When Hiring an Executive Coach

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Executive Coaches aid motivated professionals to change their behaviors through a structured approach. They assist leaders in identifying their business’s collective and individual strengths and weaknesses when those leaders struggle with managing themselves and engaging others. As a learning approach, executive coaching promotes self-awareness, facilitates transformational change, and provides critical support. Leaders can then challenge themselves and their employees to improve and better support the organization’s weaknesses. If you want to improve your leadership skills and management performance to increase your impact and influence, you may have considered hiring an Executive Coach. But what should you as a leader look for once you’ve decided to hire an Executive Coach?

Who should hire an Executive Coach?

Leaders who wish to elevate and expand their perspectives, stretch their innovative thinking, then assert their business purpose may want to consider hiring an Executive Coach. Leaders who struggle to articulate their vision for the future – both personally and professionally – and who feel the need to boost their confidence and decision-making capabilities would benefit greatly from working with an Executive Coach.

What are the benefits of hiring an Executive Coach?

Executive coaches help inspire leaders to become better versions of themselves. Motivated leaders help organizations run more smoothly and frequently manage workers in a way that encourages happiness, confidence, and enthusiasm. Executive coaching enhances productivity, boosts workplace morale, reduces stress, empowers workers, and promotes strength-based leadership. Essentially, the question becomes “Why wouldn’t a leader hire an Executive Coach?”

What to Look For in an Executive Coach

It is vitally important to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all Executive Coach. Choosing a Coach that aligns with your personal and professional goals should be the goal. Executive Coaches build a collaborative relationship between themselves and the leader they’re coaching. They also should work to fully understand the structure and culture of the organization in which they will be working in order to be effective.

Since almost anyone can claim to be an Executive Coach, make sure to check their credentials and confirm their experience. Use your network to find someone who has helped coach someone you know and then check additional references of those who have been recommended.

Experienced Executive Coaches will be able to detail their process for you, which should include identifying your core challenges, understanding your starting point, and defining your goals. They should also be able to provide examples of how you’ll acquire new skills and behaviors, and how they’ll support you in the transfer of those skills to your work. A Coach’s interpersonal style and their ability to really listen matters, so keep their personality – as well as yours – in mind. It’s also essential to interview at least three candidates before making up your mind.

What to be Aware Of

Time and effort are required to learn and adapt to new practices, so be skeptical of any Coach who offers a quick fix or solution or one who promises immediate results.

If there are loose – or no – parameters to the timeframe in which the Coach states they need to work with you, be wary. Successful Executive Coaches have a detailed coaching plan written down that includes a timeline and milestones, which helps keep both leaders and the Coach on target to the finish line.

Leadership Enhancement

Executive Coaches can often more easily identify development opportunities in leaders. They help build awareness and work with you to refine your leadership skills and identify any gaps in your abilities. Enlisting the help of an Executive Coach is a commitment to professional development and is an investment of your time, effort and money. When you find the right Executive Coach for you, it should allow you to reap rewards for the rest of your life.

As an Executive Coach, my services are designed to fit the needs of busy executives as together we create a compelling and sustainable culture of excellence. How could you benefit from hiring an Executive Coach?

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