Sustainable Leader: Protecting the Environment at Home and Work

In a broad sense, environmental wellness is the focus of protecting resources and enhancing personal safety. You are shaped by the environment around you and that has an impact on how you lead. The truly ‘Sustainable Leader’ embraces environmental stewardship at home and at work by taking part in conservation activities. And they are also attentive to their own and others’ personal safety in and out of the workplace. In this multi-part Sustainable Leader series you will hear about this topic through engaging solo shows featuring your host, Monique, as well as her guests who are subject matter experts in this field. Don’t miss these exciting episodes that will help you lead more effectively by making your environment safer and more sustainable.

Environmental stewardship relates to your philosophy and behavior around the natural resources that you consume, and things you can do to reduce your ecological footprint. Do you realize when you are being wasteful? Do you declutter and donate on a regular basis? In what way do you conserve energy, food, clothing, and spending? Do you have a conservation plan so that you are doing your part to protect the environment, or are you not informed about those issues?

Healthy ecological behavior can show up in the workplace as well as in your personal life. It can span a global level where you take part in large initiatives that will make a macro impact, or it can show up at a micro level within your home and community. As a leader in all these areas—workplace, home, and community—you have a responsibility to understand how your existence as a human has an ecological impact. Having a perspective regarding environmental wellness will help you lead with more empathy and humility.

We begin the first episode of this series by delving into the complex topic of environmental stewardship in your personal life and at work, including corporate social responsibility (CSR). You’ll learn from Monique’s philosophy, case studies, plus be able to immediately implement ideas, tools, and strategies to be a more Sustainable Leader.


Originally published on VoiceAmerica.


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