Seek Support to Resolve Leadership Pain Points

As a leader trying to make a difference in the corporate world, you most likely encounter multiple challenges in your role.

Can you identify with any of the obstacles listed below?

  • Transition to a new role
  • Set stronger boundaries
  • Manage and lead change
  • Implement 360 feedback
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Create personal branding
  • Think and plan strategically
  • Increase employee retention
  • Set vision, mission, and goals
  • Overcome Impostor Syndrome
  • Build productive relationships
  • Deliver performance conversations
  • Communicate assertively and concisely
  • Enhance Business English for non-native English speakers

Wouldn’t it be great if those challenges were minimal so that you could achieve your business goals, develop your team, and prepare yourself for promotions? Instead, what usually happens is that small challenges turn into large pain points. Eventually, you spend more time resolving these pain points than doing your actual job and that is demotivating and overwhelming.

Plus, you probably feel like you are the only one dealing with these things. Many of my clients come to coaching wondering what value or impact they are truly providing to their organization. They are not spending their time on the things that are most important to the company and they feel isolated.

To this, I say, “Seek out support!” You cannot resolve problems in your head or in a silo. You must reach out for help and there are many options. I’ve written in the past about coaching, mentoring, informational interviews, and many other ways to find support as a leader.

I’d like to provide another option called Friday Forum where you can receive instant support and also be involved with a community of other leaders all struggling with similar pain points. This is a new complementary forum, specifically for leaders, facilitated by me on the third Friday of every month from 5 – 6 pm Eastern time. Within this forum, you may bring one pain point and receive a short coaching session in a group setting, while other participants observe and learn.

The purpose of coaching is not to resolve an issue during one engagement but, instead, to guide you toward the next best step.

That’s why short sessions work better than lengthy ones. Too much discussion and too much context put you in story mode instead of ‘root cause’ mode. There is a big difference and at MD Consulting we focus on the root causing your issue so that your next step becomes obvious. I invite you to join us on the third Friday of each month

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