Not Adapting to Change Will Get You Fired


Everyone in the workplace needs to adapt to change and even embrace it. If you’re a leader you have an even bigger responsibility – you need to be a Change Agent. That means being proactive and anticipating the change that’s coming, even creating it with innovation, then mentoring your team so they support the organization and work as one system to execute the change. If you can’t do this as a leader, then your job is at stake because change and ambiguity are two constants in the workplace. Listen to this intriguing episode as your host, Monique, conducts a solo show that will help you build these important soft skills. She’ll explore the 5 stages of change and how you can identify these stages in your direct reports. Monique will use case studies to help you understand the critical Change Agent skills, and best practices to implement that will allow you to lead all types of change seamlessly.


Originally published on VoiceAmerica.


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