Navigating a Networking Event with Ease

A big part of effective leadership is being able to build relationships. One of the ways to do that is by attending business conferences or corporate networking events. All industries have them and many businesspeople cringe at the thought of ‘circulating’ and networking during the breaks and down time of these events. This is especially difficult if you are an introvert and would prefer not to even attend. But extroverts also have a hard time navigating these types of conversations. And building relationships or networking is all about asking the right questions and listening. Hear your host, Monique, take you through lots of examples of how her clients have built their skills for networking. Preparation is key and can lead to less stress and anxiety when you’re attending any business event. Most people don’t realize the pre-work involved, what to do or say during the event, and the follow-up activities that need to take place. Monique will provide a step-by-step process for you to follow – just like her clients do – to flex that networking muscle. You’ll never again dread attending a business event because you’ll learn that it’s all about preparation, having a conversation, asking questions, and listening. Be sure to listen is so that you can start practicing these skills immediately!


Originally published on VoiceAmerica.


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