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The corporate world is tough to navigate. Strong, confident, and competent leaders are needed to help companies evolve to the next level.

Leading in Captivity hosted by Marc Azoulay

Sometimes our traumas give us superpowers. Monique had a rough start, early childhood abuse, teen wedding, and addictive behavior. By any measure she had the deck stacked against her. But, she pushed on and climbed. While ascending the corporate ladder she started seeing things that triggered her past. Microtraumas, aggressive tones, and toxic patterns. Her early life experience gave her a sixth sense for abuses of power. Now she’s an executive coach that helps companies to create a healthy and trauma-informed workplace. Tune in to see how she turned her wounds into strength.

Leading in Captivity

Monique Daigneault, president and CEO of MD Consulting speaks with Chris Meek about her role as an executive coach with over three decades of experience developing corporate executives into successful leaders. Monique’s personal story exemplifies what it means to be empowered: having dropped out of high school, she married at sixteen, got a divorce, was a single mom to her two children, began her healing journey through exercise and bodybuilding, got her GED along with three college degrees, and is now a successful entrepreneur and author. Monique speaks about her own journey and how she leverages it to help leaders address micro-traumas in the workplace, develop and inspire their teams, and ensure that their leadership style and brand stay authentic.

Monique Daigneault Next Steps with Chris Meek

Workplace Wellness

A Component of High Performing Teams

The key to staying healthy in today's leaner, meaner environment is prevention.