Leveraging a Crisis to Build Resilience


Most exemplary leaders have worked on soft skills, emotional intelligence, management techniques, and have taken feedback to heart.  If you’ve been coached by me you’ve learned to use those skills to solve problems, put out fires, conduct difficult conversations, and reduce or increase staff.

When a crisis happens, most leaders think they are not prepared.  I beg to differ.  

You ARE prepared because you’ve spent a lot of time enhancing your skills and dealing with small crises along the way.  All those mini crises have honed your skills even more and helped you build resilience.

Resilience is built by transferring skills and lessons learned from one event to another. 

 Even though every crisis is different you’ve had to shift expectations, be flexible, agile, innovative, and…yes…patient.  You have all the skills you need and now, with the current COVID-19 crisis, you must use them on a much larger scale.    

Many leaders are now forced to navigate business situations that are 100% remote such as leading teams, selling, marketing, account management, onboarding, facilities management, and technology.  

What skills do you have that can be transferred to the current situation to build your resilience even more? 

As you’ll learn in the About Me section of my new web site (www.mdconsultingglobal.com), I am a trauma survivor.  The skills I built to survive in my home environment are the same skills I now help leaders build to survive in business.  I’m all too familiar with crisis and what always helped me to feel safe and in control was to reach out for support and resources.  

For example, you’re now interacting remotely with teams, peers, and clients.  Here are some tips on how to do that.  Are you onboarding new hires during this crisis?  Here is a handy checklist to help you out.  Your team, also, needs to feel safe and in control.  Here are some tips to build psychological safety with remote teams.  

I’m here to help you leverage this crisis to build resilience. Please reach out to me and let me know what you need. 

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