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MD Consulting provides assistance with strategic and tactical planning for a wide range of corporate initiatives.

With a unique mix of methodologies we facilitate a process to help you pinpoint specific goals and implement solutions with a detailed action plan.


Accountability Counts


The leaders of a government Utilities Department were having difficulty with their strategic planning initiatives. They had a solid vision and mission but were looking for assistance with strategic and tactical planning as well as follow through and ownership of the initiatives.


This group required someone to facilitate a process by which they could brainstorm and pinpoint specific goals, then implement them with a detailed action plan. Monique worked with the Director to customize content for a series of half-day sessions.

During the sessions we:

  • Created a trusting & open environment for brainstorming using role plays and ice breakers
  • Tied short and long term goals into existing vision and mission statements
  • Utilized a customized tool to document goals, actions, deadline dates, and ownership of initiatives


The group left with 25 documented action plans addressing short and long term departmental goals. A previous vendor left them with a long list of brainstormed items that gathered dust in a drawer.

The owner of each action plan was assigned an accountability partner.

Eight weeks later 75% of the actions had been completed, saving the department an estimated $52,000 in labor, training, materials, and rework.

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