How Health and Wellness Contribute to Good Leadership

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The connection between health and wellness and improved leadership is arguably as important as other, more professional attributes. Obviously, accomplished leaders need experience, certifications, and skills, but healthy leaders typically take a more holistic approach to leadership. Approaching leadership with a health conscious attitude benefits everyone in the organization from team members to the stakeholders.


Organizations that focus on health and wellness have lower rates of absenteeism, as well as fewer employees who are present at work despite feeling disengaged or suffering from illness or injury, which leads to reduced performance. In fact, when companies emphasize fitness, it results in reduced health care costs due to lower instances of stress-related illnesses.

Additionally, incorporating health and wellness programs into a company’s culture contributes to good leadership by resulting in a workforce that enjoys sustained energy and physical resiliency, as well as their being less stressed and improving their mental agility. Making mental and emotional health as much of a priority as physical health in your organization can produce significant, impactful transformations across the board.

Leaders’ Role

As a leader, making sure that you are proactive about your own health requirements is essential. You must get yourself into peak condition in order to develop a high-performing team. In addition to being a role model, developing a self-care practice to support healthy habits will allow you to be more effective in your position. Leaders who prioritize their well-being lead by example by demonstrating the type of behavior they hope to see in their workers. And healthy organizations intentionally integrate health and wellness initiatives into their business objectives.

Taking Action

Leaders need to take action to address diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, and sleep – not just for themselves, but also for those in the organization. Indeed, establishing a culture of well-being is essential to their leadership role. Guiding those you manage to a healthier lifestyle can be challenging, however.

Physical Activity

It’s important to encourage workers to engage in regular physical activity by ensuring they have access to outlets that are designed to encourage physical activity. Some businesses have workout centers in their building or offer free or discounted gym memberships as an employment perk. Leaders can even establish a walking club where members walk around the building at a designated time each day.

Diet Choices

Since what we eat fuels our brains, promoting eating nutrient-rich foods is vital. This means replacing doughnuts during meetings with healthier choices such as fruit and vegetable trays. It can also mean removing soda machines and offering filtered water instead, as well as eliminating snack vending machines.


Stress the need for adequate, quality sleep. Being tired at work compromises decision-making and affects cognition. Imagine all the mistakes that could be avoided simply by getting enough sleep: driving infractions, inaccurate contract negotiations, accounting errors.

Healthy Leadership

As a leader, implementing physical fitness resources is critical if you want the stamina to excel in your career and handle your increasing responsibilities. By improving your standard of living with the proper fitness and nutrition program and getting enough sleep, you will make better decisions and decrease your stress level.

The journey toward improved leadership is not always easy, but it will always be worth it. If you are looking for ways to develop healthy leadership skills, let’s talk about how to make that happen.

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