Building Cross-Functional Alliances

I write and speak a lot about the importance of building relationships to enhance your influence as a leader. Today I am writing specifically about the importance of building relationships across multiple functional areas. It is one thing to expand your network within your own functional area, department, or team. But branching outside of that

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Seek Support to Resolve Leadership Pain Points

As a leader trying to make a difference in the corporate world, you most likely encounter multiple challenges in your role. Can you identify with any of the obstacles listed below? Transition to a new role Set stronger boundaries Manage and lead change Implement 360 feedback Overcome procrastination Improve presentation skills Prepare for interviews Create

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The Importance of External Networking for Leaders

Leaders need to be consistently visible inside and outside of their organization. External networking is the process of building business relationships with others who do not work within your company. The benefits of external networking can have an impact on whether you are job searching, needing referrals, trying to expand your knowledge base, or trying

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Internal Networking for Visibility and Influence

Building relationships within your company is critical if you want to learn, influence others, be more visible, and even get a promotion. Most people make the common mistake of building relationships only with people they work with on a daily basis. But you have to go broader than that by reaching out to others outside

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Leading Change in the Workplace

The blog earlier this month addressed how leaders can prepare themselves to manage workplace change effectively. It is important for leaders to master those individual skills so that they can become change leaders in their organizations. The term change leader can refer to either an organization or an individual, performing at any level within an

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Developing Adaptability in the Workplace

One of the expectations for leaders is that they become highly adaptable to the fast-paced environments in which they work. They need to pivot quickly whenever a change occurs yet to do so in a calm and centered way while still focusing on corporate goals, team morale, and project execution. That is not an easy

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8 Steps to Better Decisions

Leaders solve problems and make decisions daily because it is part of their job.  When a problem arises, a skillful leader can gather information, size up the situation, make a decision, and then evaluate the impact of that decision. Some leaders process information differently than others and at a different pace.  Those who process information

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Making Values-Based Decisions

As a leader have you ever questioned some of your decisions because they just did not “feel” right?  Perhaps, during the decision-making process, you asked all the right questions, gathered all the right information, and consulted all the right people. You assertively made a well-informed decision and everyone was happy, except you.   The decision may

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Procrastination Can Derail a Leader’s Career

Are you a leader who has a habit of procrastination? Sometimes this habit stems from deep-seated reasons and sometimes it is simply caused by being overwhelmed.  Either way, when you procrastinate you might find yourself putting off difficult conversations, missing deadlines, avoiding giving critical feedback to a direct report, or tackling a tough project. You

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Setting Boundaries Around Your Time

Whenever I read an article about time management it says there is no such thing as time management because “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, you cannot add more time to the day, and you can only manage the tasks within that day.”        First of all, that entire statement is a

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informational interviews

Stay Humble as a Leader by Conducting Informational Interviews

I am going to introduce two concepts to you that, when aligned, can dramatically improve your success as a leader.  Those two seemingly unrelated concepts are humility and informational interviews. Let us take these concepts one at a time starting first with the concept of humility as it pertains to leadership. Leaders wield great power and

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Active Listening is a Key Skill When Problem Solving

Problem-solving is most likely part of your daily life, especially at work.  Many of my clients, who are top leaders, receive 360 feedback stating that they need to solve problems more collaboratively instead of in a silo.  Through the coaching process we discover that these leaders are operating in a silo for several reasons.  They

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Leadership Starts with a Personal Mission Statement

Have you ever sat down and really put some thought into what you are trying to accomplish in your career, the workplace, or in your role?  Or for that matter, what are you trying to accomplish in your life as a whole?  What is driving you?  What is your end goal?  Many of my clients

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Perfectionism is Not a Strength

Are you a leader who is a perfectionist?  If so, treat yourself to some self-compassion to remedy the situation.  Sometimes linked to fear or fear of failure, perfectionism can rear its ugly head in the following ways: Spending an inordinate amount of time writing emails to be sure they are perfect before you send them.

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Lowering the Bar When Goal Setting

This topic may be a bit controversial, but I am seeing it so much with my clients that I feel the need to write about it.  In the article, How To Fuel Your Motivation, I wrote about goal setting and how it involves knowing your “Why,” your outcome, and the steps needed to get there. 

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Productivity Solutions for Remote Teams

I recently took a trip back to my roots in Michigan to spend some quality time with family.  After returning, I realized how much more productive I was after taking that break, changing environments, and reconnecting with loved ones.  I was then asked to speak on a panel discussion for the Global Chamber of Commerce

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Grooming Your Successor

If you are an executive leader who wants to move out of your current role it will happen quicker if you’ve been grooming your successor.  As unfair as it may sound, there are times when the management team is hesitant to let a promotion take place because there are no suitable options for your replacement.  

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Training in the New World

This month we are featuring a guest blog from Jim Leligdon, a trusted colleague that I have known for over a decade.  Jim is a highly respected, skilled, and knowledgeable expert in the field of training and development.  Jim’s blog offers some innovative best practices that will help you immensely if you’re trying to train

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high sensitivity

The Highly Sensitive Leader

Are you sensitive to your environment, process things deeply, have a rich inner life, and vivid dreams? Are you conscientious, highly intuitive, or exquisitely aware of light, noise, pain, and others’ emotions?  Do you thrive best in low stimulating environments?  Are you constantly being told that you are too sensitive or take things too personally?

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Special Message From Monique

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the racial crisis happening at this moment. I do not have the perfect words right now, only feelings.  As a trauma survivor, having experienced a different form of injustice, what I am feeling is a horrendously painful reminder of my past.  A past filled with horrors that

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Psychological Safety is a Key Component to Building Better Teams

According to Amy Edmondson, a Harvard Business School professor who coined the term Psychological Safety, “Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes.” In 2008, Google initiated Project Oxygen, a study about what makes a great manager.  In 2015, Google then

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