Empowering Yourself to Navigate Job Loss – Hosted by Dr. Jean Marie Farish

Separation from a company, for any reason, can lead to feelings of guilt, anxiety and fear. It impacts self-esteem, confidence, and self worth which makes it almost impossible to muster the influence and impact you need in the interview process. Being proactive about company separation is the best way to keep your confidence intact in case it does happen, and there are many things employees can do in advance. However, if the unthinkable does occur and you find yourself jobless you need to have a solid strategy to get yourself on track immediately. Learn the strategies that Monique uses with her clients who are employed and those who have separated, to boost their confidence and get them prepared for a career transition. We’ll discuss how to keep your resume up to date, tips to leverage LinkedIn for networking, best ways for an introvert to network, the importance of practicing interview skills, and how to exude confidence during an interview. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to care for yourself and stay grounded during a transition.

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