Case Studies

Peter’s Case Study


How Peter turned his company around in 8 weeks!

Peter took over the family business because he knew the product. However, he lacked the soft skills and operational knowledge to make the business run efficiently. Things were fine for awhile but then the disorganized operations department began to crumble. Most of this was due to Peter’s lack of management skills.

These are just a few of the results he achieved in 8 weeks by participating in the program:

• 50% more visibility with other CEOs in his industry
• 35% increased team productivity
• 10 extra hours per week that he could devote to his personal life


Peter stepped in as CEO after the death of his father. He had a great relationship with the long-time customers but had no relationship building skills to bring on new business. He did no networking within the industry, was disorganized, managed his team like a dictator, and quickly alienated his supporters. He spent more and more time at work trying to fix things and soon there was discontent at home too. In addition, Peter was beginning to have health problems.


In a last-ditch effort, Peter signed up for the Executive Influence Intensive to get some help turning things around. He needed to learn critical relationship building skills to bring in more business and regain the trust of his team. But he also needed to implement practical solutions very quickly!

The modules in the program focus on a variety of soft skills, management skills, and work life balance techniques. Everything that is needed to develop a well-rounded leader.

However, Peter needed some highly customized individual strategies that could be implemented immediately for instant results. He needed to stop the bleeding long enough to come up with a long-term fix.

Monique Daigneault was the perfect person to help him! Monique’s corporate background and business mindset helped him drill down immediately to the root cause of his issues. She and Peter put together an emergency management plan that would rally the ‘troops’ for 90 days of working only on top priority issues – only the most critical! Peter let go and allowed the team to prioritize – which greatly empowered them. They became part of the solution and this immediately improved morale.

Peter came out of his silo and began delegating to his staff of experts while he worked on the critical management skills that he lacked. He worked on key areas of networking, time management, financial management, and – yes – wellness.

In just 8 weeks there was a shift not only in Peter’s competence but in the overall operational status.


“I enrolled in Executive Influence and the program knocked my socks off! At the time, I had major pain points (time management, prioritization, managing direct reports, low team productivity…just to name a few) and I was feeling burned out. Through the training portion of the program I learned core concepts that helped me make immediate shifts. The weekly individual coaching helped me to customize those concepts so that I could make long lasting behavioral changes. Through the optional weekly group coaching I was able to hear how others were benefiting from the concepts. I even applied some of their strategies for added results! Between Monique and the group, I was held to strict accountability and made accelerated progress. This is truly a one of a kind ‘coaching intensive’ that saved my company!”

Here are the REST of Peter’s results after just 8 weeks!

• 75% increase in new clients
• 125% increase in revenue
• 66% reduction in expenses due to more efficient systems
• 89% increase in team productivity due to delegation and team building
• 45% improvement in Peter’s health validated by medical tests
• 75% increase in work life balance

If you need results like Peter’s – then you know what your next step should be!

The Executive Influence Intensive will help you resolve your pain points. It hits your situation with a three-pronged approach – training, individual coaching, and group coaching. Don’t wait too long like Peter did……

Debra’s Case Study


How Debra increased her team’s productivity by 50%

Debra Johnson is a senior marketing executive for a pharmaceutical company. Her team of 15 is responsible for marketing the company’s products at external trade shows. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that takes place to organize and produce these events.

These are the results she achieved since participating in the program:

• 50% increase in team productivity
• 30% more warm leads from just one trade show
• 25% increase in sales from that same trade show


Debra’s team was underperforming due to staffing issues, an extraordinarily high work load, and low morale. They were not meeting deadlines or goals which was causing abrasion with the sales team and other business partners. Due to time constraints the team was pulling together disorganized and understaffed trade shows at the last minute. In addition, they were being perceived as sloppy, unreliable, and difficult to work with. Debra found herself micromanaging the team and still getting subpar results.


To end her struggle, Debra registered for the Executive Influence Intensive. Her desire was to increase team productivity, start meeting goals, and free up her time from micromanaging.

The program includes weekly self-paced modules, individual coaching, and group coaching (or Discovery) calls. One of the modules covers accountability as well as delegation techniques.

Debra worked with Monique Daigneault to implement a project plan and action plans for the team. The group ended up with 25 documented action plans, accountability partners, and deadline dates addressing short and long-term goals.

Each team member took ownership of certain tasks and were then held accountable by their peers in daily stand up meetings.

Even though the team was severely understaffed and responsible for a double workload, they were more organized and efficient.

Being more organized meant that things got done on time. The trade show preparation began well in advance, the shows ran smoother, and with better results.

With the new system in place Debra was able to stop micromanaging and start delegating.

Perception of the team shifted as results started pouring in.


“The accountability system shifted my team into overdrive almost overnight! Once goals and deliverables were documented it was hard to lose track of them. Within 10 days my team organized an entire trade show event which normally took them one month.” – Debra

With the new system in place the team was able to create a staffing plan for the very next trade show. The fully staffed booth attracted 50 more visitors than usual, meaning more warm leads for the sales department.

This system was implemented with all the trade shows and the results were phenomenal! The Executive Influence Intensive program was the right decision.

• $200K increase in yearly product sales specifically from trade show leads
• $10K savings per year with vendors on booth construction due to early planning and increased efficiency
• Conversion rate increase of 25%
• Improved team perception – priceless

If your team is underperforming, get results like Debra did!

Executive Influence Intensive offers you knowledge that will boost productivity and boost your dollars.

You’ll have access to self-paced modules, individual coaching, group coaching, and peer accountability.

Or you can pick and choose what works best for you. Debra participated in the entire program and saw results in 10 days.

Roger’s Case Study


How Roger got promoted twice in three years

Three years ago Roger Miller was the Director of Consumer Services in a fast-paced international financial institution. Even then Roger had decades of industry experience, was highly educated, and had been with the company for almost 13 years. He led a team of five people managers. His organization was constantly filling open positions with internal and external talent – but Roger kept getting passed over for promotions.

These are the results he achieved by participating in the program:

• 25% increase in his 360 assessment scores
• 35% more direct feedback from peers and direct reports about better interpersonal skills
• 2 promotions in three years


Roger was driven, smart, and knew his business division like the back of his hand. He desperately wanted to move into a Senior Director position however he kept missing out on promotions. He had been given feedback that his communication skills were poor (interrupting, not listening, ambiguous emails, unclear directives). He was also told that he seemed uncaring and almost cold when dealing with staff and customers. The feedback was coming to him directly from his peers, direct reports, and through his yearly 360 assessments. Roger lacked the soft skills necessary for a top-level position.


In utter despair, Roger signed up for the Executive Influence Intensive to gain the soft skills he needed for a promotion. (At that time, we only had the pilot program available.) Roger specifically wanted to work on gaining visibility, having a stronger influence, increasing his executive presence, and interpersonal skills like communication. His goal was to improve his 360 assessments, shift others’ perception of his skills, and get that promotion.

Roger was diligent in working through the curriculum, attending individual coaching sessions, and showing up for the group coaching sessions. There is a heavy emphasis on soft skill development in the program – which is just what he needed. Roger worked with Monique Daigneault to hone his skills through role plays, reflection, hands on activities, and action items. Roger began getting positive feedback from coworkers, vendors, and customers.

As his skills improved, so did his confidence level – which allowed him to exhibit a polished executive presence. He suddenly was more influential within his division – people knew his name and listened to him. He became an expert at networking and building authentic relationships.


“The three-pronged approach of this program worked perfectly for me – self paced training, individual coaching, and group coaching – each week! It was intense, but the accountability kept me moving. As I built momentum in the program I had one win after another at work. The program gave me the confidence I needed to excel”.

Roger’s ROI went much further than just that promotion. His new skills helped the overall organization, improved customer relations, and increased revenue.

• $100K increase in divisional sales that year due to relationships built with new customers
• 50% increase of repeat business that year from current customers
• 10% of Roger’s time became devoted to the negotiation of critical contracts
• 2 promotions for Roger in three years (he is now VP of his division)

If you want to seriously up your game and fast track your career, follow Roger’s lead!

The Executive Influence Intensive teaches you skills to resolve your most critical pain points.

You’ll work through flexible self-paced modules, attend customized individual coaching sessions, and take part in group coaching to learn from your peers.

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