Coach giving talk to workers in office

How Do I Know If I Need an Executive Coach?

How Do I Know If I Need an Executive Coach? Anyone who is interested in growing professionally and personally always has the opportunity to do so. Those who want to advance, however, may need insights into why they haven’t progressed, or they may require help developing a roadmap for improving their skills and interpersonal relationships.

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Transforming conflict during a business meeting

Transforming Conflict into Collaboration

Conflicts are inevitable in our day-to-day lives. Instead of causing undue stress, however, disagreements can be viewed as opportunities for growth when we work on transforming conflict into collaboration – whether in the workplace or outside of the office. Conflict Although conflict is a normal aspect of life, it can still cause varying degrees of

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Confident business people shaking hands

The Body Language of Confident Leaders

Body language is an important soft skill that too many in corporate America dismiss or, at the very least, undervalue. Because first impressions occur only once, leaders should be especially aware of how they initially present themselves, but need to also continue to understand the effect their body language has on their employees, as well

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Woman working at computer with executive coach

What to Look For When Hiring an Executive Coach

Executive Coaches aid motivated professionals to change their behaviors through a structured approach. They assist leaders in identifying their business’s collective and individual strengths and weaknesses when those leaders struggle with managing themselves and engaging others. As a learning approach, executive coaching promotes self-awareness, facilitates transformational change, and provides critical support. Leaders can then challenge themselves

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Leading by example with group of diverse employees

Leading by Example

There are many paths to becoming an effective and successful leader. All of them begin with leading by example and modeling the behavior you want to see in your team members. By creating an inclusive, collaborative work environment, leaders build a culture of accountability that inspires the people around them. As long as you are

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The Mindset That Fosters Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

A workplace that fosters creativity and innovation undeniably draws top-tier talent. Workers tend to thrive when they’re in an environment that values their abilities and gives them the space to grow. The difference between creativity and innovation might be subtle to some, but the real issue is having the mindset to foster both in the

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Creating a Safe Space for Employee Communication

Leaders of the healthiest and most engaged workplaces know the importance of offering as supportive an environment as possible. Creating a safe space for employee communication is vital to the success of the organization. However, “safe” doesn’t look the same to everyone. For some people, it’s a lack of discrimination, while for others, it’s being

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Female team leader talking

Communication Techniques for Female Leaders

Effective communication as a female leader in the workplace is an essential skill. Female leaders have to be prepared to overcome any inherent gender biases that may exist. Unfortunately, it is still common in many organizations to not prioritize nurturing women leaders or to fail to amplify women’s special perspectives in ways that disrupt or

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Strength training workout

Top 3 Strengths of Effective Leaders

Effective leaders who know how to nurture and develop the strengths and talents of their people are more likely to build cohesive teams committed to achieving common goals. Discover how to reinforce your impact as a leader by building the following top three strengths. Lead By Example Demonstrate the behavior that you want people to

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Successful team working on project

The Mindset of Leaders Who Develop Successful Teams

If you want to build a successful team, you have to craft a team in which each person works from their strengths. Team building requires leaders to possess a strong understanding of people and their strengths, as well as what motivates them and gets them excited to work with others. Let’s take a look at

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Planning chart for business

Managing Fear of Change in the Workplace

There have been innumerable changes in the workplace in the last couple of years. Many of those changes were foisted upon employees who had given no more thought to working from home than they did working forty-five stories up atop a construction crane being buffeted by high winds. Fearing change is nothing new. But effectively

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Workers writing while boss looks on

Ego and Confidence in the Workplace

There are important differences between ego and confidence, especially if you are a leader. One of the most notable differences is that confident people want to be successful while those with big egos are more concerned with looking successful. Let’s take a look at ego and confidence in the workplace and how, as leaders, one

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Manager and workers communicating in the workplace

Using Nonviolent Communication in the Workplace

It might seem obvious, but there is no place in the workplace for violent communication. Nonviolent communication involves more than simply not being violent, however. Let’s take a look at what nonviolent communication in the workplace encompasses and how we, as leaders, can create the kind of environment we want for our organization. Nonviolent Communication

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Worker welcoming new employee

Onboarding Employees for Success

If you are a leader who is hiring, it’s extremely vital to have an effective onboarding process in place in order to curb turnover and increase the rate of retention for new hires. The cost to an organization can be significant if employees leave within a short period of time – not only financially, but

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Happy workers celebrating promotion to supervisor

3 Tips to Transition from Peer to Supervisor

Making the move from coworker to manager can – and should – be something to celebrate. It’s not a milestone everyone reaches. If you have the opportunity to take on a leadership role after working as an individual contributor, there could also be a few bumps in the road. Here are 3 tips to successfully

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Sad crying woman at work

Practicing Empathy and Compassion in the Workplace

Being a successful leader encompasses far more than literally telling your employees what needs to be done. Not only should leaders be able to handle unexpected situations, including those like navigating through an economic downturn and a global emergency, but they must also listen to their staff in order to better guide them to do

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Businessman Interviewing Female Candidate

Using Personality Assessments in the Workplace

Personality assessments are being used more often in the hiring process. These tests can help business owners learn more about prospective employees, including their strengths and weaknesses. A 2011 poll by the Society for Human Resource Management found that almost 20% of nearly 500 Human Relations professionals used a personality assessment during the hiring process.

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Business man with arm extended to handshake

How Leaders Can Help Employees Manage Change

Change is inevitable. Navigating change can be challenging, however; especially if you are a leader who wants to help your employees successfully manage change. With so many external forces currently contributing to unprecedented stressors (e.g., pandemic, racial issues, politics), it’s important that leaders are aware how some of the changes may be affecting their workers.

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Job candidates in office corridor

Top 3 Job Hunting Strategies for Corporate Leaders

As a corporate leader, searching for a job is no longer as simple as seeing a We’re Hiring! sign in a storefront and submitting an application. To improve your chances of finding the best corporate leader job, it’s important to have a plan in place before you start. You should have a clear vision for

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Business woman giving presentation

Presentation Skills for Leaders

As a leader, proficient presentation skills are necessary to encourage the audience to make some kind of change. An effective presentation inspires action. If a presentation is merely delivering information, it probably won’t have the desired effect of eliciting the type of initiative a leader wants to see in a team or in any part

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Being a Better Listener as a Leader

Being a Better Listener as a Leader

Listening almost seems as though it’s a lost art, especially in the current digital age. After all, no listening skills are needed if you’re communicating via text or email, right? However, communication skills are still required no matter how messages are being sent or received. When you are communicating with someone face to face or

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