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Presented by Monique Daigneault

7 Behaviors That Put Entrepreneurs At Risk

Building a business isn’t easy but did you know that you might be sabotaging your efforts with seven flawed behaviors?

It really helped me understand how my thoughts can work for me or against me in business.  ~ Leanne

Great summary of some key human behaviors, and how they can prevent us from being truly effective. ~ Phil

I really enjoyed this webinar. The message was clear and helped me understand the importance of self assessment. ~ Cynthia

Executive Coaching

We provide a highly coveted service to corporate leaders by helping them unlock the potential to maximize their own performance. When done right, using internationally accepted standards, executive coaching empowers leaders to see their blind spots, overcome procrastination, develop critical soft skills, and leverage existing strengths. Our clients learn to build productive relationships, resolve business problems more efficiently, increase employee retention, and enhance their overall influence.

HR Consulting

MD Consulting works to ensure that companies of all sizes are effectively using their personnel to achieve stated goals, while also ensuring the workforce is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency. We advise on a wide range of workforce issues, analyze current HR programs, look for organizational gaps, recommend solutions, and assist with the implementation of those solutions.

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Building Better Leaders Worldwide

Our Philosophy

We believe that human beings have a responsibility to one another to create environments that are respectful, peaceful, productive, and psychologically safe. Continuous behavioral transformation is necessary to eliminate hostile and uncivil behavior in the workplace. Corporations can drive this initiative by influencing, encouraging, and supporting their leaders to make measurable and sustainable behavioral changes that can be modeled throughout the organization.

Our Vision

Our vision at MD Consulting is to create a behavioral shift in corporate culture that increases the overall integrity, productivity, and impact of the organization.

Our Mission

We empower leaders across the globe to enhance their quality of influence by providing customized HR Consulting and Executive Coaching that targets and reverses leadership pain points.

Workplace Wellness